My Instant Pot Adventure

Cee and Chris

Loss and the grief it causes tend to create a lot of pressure inside you.  You have so many conflicting thoughts and feelings bouncing around that you start to feel like a tea kettle that is ready to boil, and sometimes like you’re going to explode.  And since loss and grief accumulate, if you don’t do something to complete them, the pressure can be overwhelming.  That’s when people look for ways to relieve those feelings inside.  Everyone does it some way or another.  Alcohol or drugs are hugely popular choices.  “Retail therapy”.  Too much binge watching of television.  Other types of escapism.  Sex.  Working extra long hours.   We all find ways to dull the pain and tension that come with grief.

My coping mechanism was eating, because it seemed like the only fun thing left in my life.  I started with some overeating at the beginning but that sunk…

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