1. I bet you thought it was a Rhododendron. That’s my first thought too… We inherited this when we bought the house. It was nearly dead. This is the first year we have some real blooms on it. 😀


      1. I hope you take some more photos of it. I thought it was a tulip tree at first, then realized no way and considered that it was a royal poinciana. I’ve never been able to i.d. rhododendrons.


            1. The one I have is about 5 feet tall. It had only a couple of leaves on it the first year. We kind of thought it was dead. We were not even sure what type of tree/bush it was until it flowered a couple of years ago. It’s still pretty straggly but it is coming back. I took a photo of the bush today and will probably post it over the weekend.


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