Take a Laughter Break

Cee and Chris

When we work through our losses it can feel like our lives can be too heavy to endure and we often find ourselves overwhelmed with our day to day life.  One way Chris and I have found to help on those days is to take a laughter break and just be gentle with ourselves.

Since I had a chronic illness for well over 30 years, Chris and I have found ways of relieving some of the daily stress.  One thing we do the hour or two before we go to sleep at night, we don’t watch the TV news since it is usually violent or depressing.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were at least one news station that reported all the good things people do or the funny things that happen in the world?  That would be worth watching at nights.  We also don’t watch any violent TV shows…

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  1. I was thinking the same thing; the news is just so depressing; I do not want to put it into my psyche. Yet, I should be a bit informed about what is going on. It is a hard balancing act, but for sure, nothing with even hints of violence before bed (hard to find)


    1. I find I hear anything I need or care about from my friends and various bloggers. Every once in awhile I’ll look something specific up on the news.. 😀 😀


  2. It would be lovely to have a news channel, radio station, newspaper dedicated to reporting all the wonderful things that people are doing around the world, as well as all the amazing offerings from nature


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