Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: May 13, 2018

I hope that you have a lot of fun with this challenge!  To read more about Odd Ball photos click here.

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My Entry for the Week

Chris calls this the Beauty and the Beast, Beauty for the irises and Beast  because the green on the left is a baby maple tree and and the beginning of a blackberry bush.  They grow wild out here and can totally take over your yard.

I know I have shown this tractor earlier this year, but I just wanted to show you how the blackberries grow out here.

This is a broken bench that I photographed the other weekend when we drove the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway.  I like that Rich fix etched his name and date under the seat.  ODOT stands for Oregon Department of Transportation.

This was a happy face post I captured on that same trip.Qi (energy) Hugs



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