Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: All-Time Favorite Waterscapes

Here is my entry for WordPress Daily Post Weekly Challenge with the topic of All-Time Favorites.

Since this is the last of WordPress weekly photo challenge, I thought I would post some of my favorites photos of different categories.  I really don’t have absolute favorites, but I do find favorites every time I look through my archives.

Ocean Wave

Lake on a stormy day

Columbia River and posts on a peaceful day

Astoria-Megler Bridge crossing the Columbia River.
Qi (energy) hugs




  1. wow! these are pretty cool. I love the emeralds into sapphire of hte first waves and that bridge is magnificent.


  2. Wow! These are awesome! The wave…the bridge…I can’t pick a favorite of yours, so I’m glad you’re posting several. 🙂 Great idea to do it in categories. I might just copy that idea, not only to stretch out the last WPC, but because I can’t pick just one favorite either.


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