Beth’s CFFC Photo Challenge – Columns and Vertical Lines

My sister, Beth, sent me her entry for my Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge with the topic of Columns and Vertical Lines.


      1. Yes, I saw that you were doing that, Cee. It’s a nice idea. A few people have said how lost they feel without the Weekly Challenge. Yes please- kind of you to suggest it. I’m running round like a mad thing at present. 🙂


  1. I guess I screwed up the black and white part sorry have been boss a lot lately and putting in 50 hour work weeks. Hope you both are doing well. Cassie is better so keep up the positive thought they are working thanks a ton love you both Beth

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    1. Hey Beth, you didn’t screw up. I did. It is a color challenge. I changed the heading. 😀 😀 We are fine. Glad Cassie is working through her Dissertation. What a milestone. Get some rest Boss Nurse. 😀 😀


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