Lens-Artists, Photo A Week Challenge: Patterns

Here is my entry for Lens-Artists Photo A Week Challenge with the topic Patterns.

There are lots of patterns with the fire escapes, bricks, windows.

Patterns in a fence.

Patterns in stacked bricks.

More multiple pattens, two different kind of bricks, the roof and blinds in the windows.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. A massive load of patterns – my favorite must be the first one with the fire escapes and the last one with the funny bubbles. Thank you for joining in!


  2. Cee you flowerless Neuner (I am referring to your comment to Patti). But I did go and Google the meaning of Neuner (just to make sure I am not swearing at you). Apparently on a scale of 10 you are at least a nine!
    The square-ish triangle-ish first (10 minus neuner) photo is my favourite


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