Lens-Artists and One Word Sunday Challenges

Here aremy entries for:

  1. Amy’s Lens-Artists, Photo A Week Challenge with the topic Everyday Moments.
  2. Debbie’s, Travel With Intent blog One Word Sunday Challenge with the topic Routine.

A week or so ago Phyllis of MythRider blog made a comment on my blog and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  Here is what she said about my photography “I love the way you travel around and find all these wonderful photos. It’s like you’re documenting the world around you.”  Phyllis’ statement made me take a second look at my photography and it gave me more of a purpose to it.  I think these two challenges represent my “style” quite well.  I chose to use candid’s of people I’ve taken over the years.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. I’m flattered that you used my quote on your blog. Fun. ;0) Glad you liked it.
    But I misspelled “your for you’re,” would you please correct. Thanks.
    Best to you, Phyllis


  2. You have hit on something that I find really nice about blogging, and that is the community. I think it is really interesting to get feedback, and so I can relate to what you are saying here about how a comment can make you think about your work.


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