Update on Miss Digi

Digi had her surgery on Friday and we brought her home yesterday.  The photo to the right I took right after she got home.

The Dr. had to totally reconstruct her one knee (the one wrapped up in purple).  He had to do some stuff to her other knee, but not nearly as extensively.  She has about three inches of stitches on her other leg.  The pink patch on her neck has a pain medication patch.  Her front paw with the pink is where her IV was.  That we were able to take off already.

Digi is a champion.  Today she has been up and walking around.  She’s been eating good too.

Here is a photo of Digi about 5 hours after we brought her home.  She was on a dog bed that I put on my desk so she could be by me.  She was still a little out of it, but was doing much better by hen.

Qi (energy) hugs



    1. She was born with really bad knees misformed. They had to reconstruct one entire knee and tighten all the attachments in the other knee. If she didn’t have the surgery she would be in horrible pain in a couple of years and for the rest of her life. I’m simplifying it. The surgery took hours to perform. Poor little baby. It is a hereditary issue. Found mostly in poodles, but also in pugs.

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  1. She looks pretty relaxed. That’s good. A lot of our young dogs who needed surgery was super active and keeping them quiet until the incisions healed was hard. Good for you, too, taking on a dog who need so much help. And congratulations!!!!

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