Meet Miss Maddie!

It has been over 8 weeks since Miss Digi had surgery on her both of her knees.his past week she’s has been back to her normal little adorable and active self.  It’s nice to see.

So yesterday we brought home a sister for Digi.  Her name is Maddie (Madeline).  She is an 8 week old pug.  She is teeny, talker, and a licker.  She is ever so excited and sweet.  Digi and Maddie are second cousins.  We got Maddie from the same breeder.

I took this photo in Petsmart yesterday.  We stopped there on the way home.  Chris was holding her.

Later in the day, Maddie was in her pen (3×3 feet) and Freddie our cat was checking up on her.  Sorry, the photo isn’t so clear it was a cell phone.  But you can see how tiny Maddie is.

The next two photos are of Digi and Maddie playing this morning.  They so enjoy each other.  And yes, they are a blur.  They are too fast for my camera in a dark living room.

Needless to say, I will have my work cut out with a new baby in the house.  We’ve never had a puppy this young before.  The breeder we have knew we could take care of her thing young.  All my challenges will remain running, but I may not be as prompt to commenting (or even liking) as I usually am.  Just know that I’m having lots of fun playing with the pugs.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Oh she’s so cute and they are going to be such wonderful companions for each other and for you and Chris. It’s been 12 years since I had a puppy but I remember it well. Lots of work but they are so worth it.

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  2. They are so adorable! And we have a baby, too. His name is Henry, a 12 week old cat who tries to lie on the keyboard as I write. He is completely black and very vocal when he doesn’t like how things are going. Enjoy!!


    1. We had 3 puppies once. St Bernard, Bearded Collie and Golden Retriever. They were a handful. This little pug is so small and can get into everything. And you are right, they do train each other. 😀


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