The Pugs are tired!

Here is my entry for City Sonnet’s, November Photo a Day Challenge.

November 7 – Pets

Both of our girls have been playing so hard with each other.  They are simply exhausted.  Here is a photo I took of Miss Maddie yesterday after she put herself to bed.

And here is a photo of Miss Digi sleeping this morning on our heating vent.


Qi (energy) hugs



  1. I got up this morning because it sounded like the house had been invaded. Turns out, the sun was out and the fur people, using the infamous squeaking yellow ball, were playing hockey and barking their joy at not being rained on!

    Happy new dogs day!

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    1. We are keeping Maddie on a lead to limit her space for right now. We’ve got a large ranch and she’d could get lost so easily yet. It also helps with potty training. This way she doesn’t have to stay crated and is out in the open most of the time. We are slowly expanding her lead. We will also train on her on her leash and walk around the house so she gets to know it.

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