Friday Follies – S1 Ep 6

Here is my entry for Proscenium, Friday Follies – S1 Ep 6 Challenge which is all about signs.

Qi (energy) hugs



    1. It’s a simple fix. I just discovered the fix myself. Go to Safari (or whatever browser you have) and go “Preferences”, and then go to “Privacy”, and unclick the first box “prevent cross site tracking”.

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      1. Ours is definitely a cat and a dog. She both ignores us and follows us around. She stretches like a cat and likes the warmth of the open fire like a cat. And she catches rats which is quite handy… 🙋

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  1. Cee– I love these signs. Parker and Piper adore me when I feed them. We have one of those ‘No entry’ signs at work. We have two buildings, and delivery people kept going to the wrong building. Now they see the sign and can head over to the other building–where the big sign says “Deliveries Here.” “D


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