Lens-Artists, Photo A Week Challenge: Photographic Review of 2018 – Fun Photos

Here is my entry for Lens-Artists Photo A Week Challenge with the topic Photographic Review of 2018.

These are just some of the fun photos I took this year as well as my photos of our 4-legged kids.

Chris massaging Freddie’s ear.

Charlie cleaning Freddie.

Miss Maddie with a chewy.

Miss Digi when we first got her sleeping on Chris’s lap.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Miss Maddie has such a wonderful face! I’m so glad you got new furry kids to make you smile through the next bunch of years. Life without them is sad. Our are all sleeping on the sofa, Bonnie having knocked off enough cushions to make the sofa comfy. It’s like duckpins for dogs, all those pillows. I wonder what they did before we bought them pillows?


    1. They do like their comfort. 😀 😀 We got the pugs because I was really “down” one morning and Chris tried to cheer me up. She usually looked up pug photos, but she looked up some pug videos. Just hearing the sounds pugs make. We both looked at each other and said….we need to get pugs again. 😀


  2. Sorry Cee 😦 , the comment above was meant for the flowers and waterfall. This review is equally gorgeous with your furry friends having a relaxing time.


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