My Dickens Christmas Carol

Cee and Chris

I was thinking tonight how interesting it would be to live through our own versions of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.  We’d have to make it a lot less scary, granted.  But what would you experience….

When the Ghost of Christmas Past takes you to see and hear what really went on in your childhood home, but with you being able to see it with your adult eyes?  Would you gain a better understanding of the influences that formed your early life?  Would you cheer or be sad?  Would you feel forgiveness or anger at injustice?  What would that teach you?

When the Ghost of Christmas Present lets you see and hear what those around you think of you?  How do they judge you?  Do they love you or mock you behind your back?  Do they make excuses for your shortcomings or blame you for their failings?   How do…

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