What are your Superpowers?

Cee and Chris

Here’s a challenge for you:  email five people you know and ask them to list your three strongest, best qualities, your superpowers.

We all have them.  Sometimes we have trouble recognizing them, but they are there.  Even if you don’t see them, the people close to you do.  Pick people you trust or respect.

Here’s a sample email for you:

“Hi.  I’m writing you to ask for a favor.  It may sound a little strange, but I’ve accepted a challenge to identify my superpowers.  I’m supposed to ask a few people who I trust to tell me what they feel are my three best and strongest qualities.  Is there anything you respect or value about me?  What do you think makes me unique, special?

I’m asking you because you have a better view into me in some ways than I do.  My view is filtered by my inner critic.  I’ve…

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