We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

Cee and Chris

The year was 1967. The Beatles had just released “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and created the movie “Yellow Submarine”. If you haven’t heard the album or seen the movie, you’re missing out on something. I turned Cee on to the album a long time ago, she being a child born in 1960 and a little too young for Beatlemania, and we watched the movie recently on Netflix. At least I think it’s on Netflix. It might have been Amazon Prime.

One of my favorite songs from there is “With a Little Help From my Friends”. I mention that because I’m in need of a little help from you, my friends. Or at least some of you. I’m looking for help with a homework assignment for school. I’m supposed to interview some women over the age of 45 to find out what some of their concerns are at this…

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  1. I’m NOT too young and while the movie didn’t do it for me, the album really did. I was in the hospital when it came out. I was having my spine fused and I didn’t have a record player (yes, it was before CDs) — so my friends got together and came and sang all the songs to me with my friend Marc on guitar.


  2. I will never forget seeing this movie when it first came out. I had never ever seen a movie so creative, the music so wonderful, the message so upbeat. At that time, it was totally new. I have the album somewhere.


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