July 7 – Blue Squares – Anchor’s Away

Here is my entry for Becky’s for #JulySquare challenge and her topic this month is #Blue.

Becky says:

  1. Your photographic square could be a ‘Bolt from the Blue’ – something unexpected or surprising
  2. Alternatively why not, like I have today, explore ‘Into the wide blue yonder‘ – sky, sea or maybe a location that is appealingly unknown and mysterious
  3. Or if you prefer keep it simple with ‘Blue – whether that’s azure, cobalt, sapphire, cerulean, navy, ultramarine, indigo, or turquoise
  4. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous try to combine two of these, or maybe even all three!

I’ve put together a list of challenges and their hosts.  So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I hope everyone will be able to use my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Cee,

    I love the color of the big blue ship. That is a beautiful picture.

    I started a new photo challenge yesterday and would appreciate you adding it to your list. It is called Bird of the Day or BOTD. I sent the info to your contact me site. Thanks!


      1. There were a lot of boat trips when I was young along the end of the St. Johns River in Florida where the navy ships were stationed so those big anchors amazed me…yet seem small for those big vessels.


  2. oh I had decided you had a boat setting sail . . . . so was on the right lines but no way had I imagined something this enormous from your title!

    Wonderful blue square 🙂


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