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V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #57: Presence

This is for all of us with Chronic Illnesses. I know there are number of people who have them and we somehow meet and feel not so alone in the world of blogging. Both V.J. and I struggle with feeling isolated and alone. V.J. this morning spoke of it. That takes a lot of courage and strength.

One Woman's Quest II

“Isolation threatens to consume me,” I tell my therapist in a recent visit. “I’m not willing to disappear into the woodwork again.”

The doctors say my illness is relapsing; it’s how they explain the onslaught of infections. I’ve just finished another round of even stronger antibiotics. While my immune system fights invasion, I am staving off depression.

“You have a greater presence in the world than most able-bodied,” she suggests. “Between your blogs, Twitter, and your artistic endeavours, I’d say you are doing quite well.”

It’s true that my online presence is alive and well, and I am grateful for that.

Odd, isn’t it, how life turns out, I think to myself on the drive home. I have a presence, and yet, I am invisible. The connection I have with others is intellectual, at times, emotional, and even spiritual, but seldom physical.

Ah, life’s riddles.

This week, please…

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  1. Mom says she is glad to know that there are people out there that feels the same way as she does. I don’t like it when she is trying to hide from everyone. I wish all of you well and hope that this will get better. 😀

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