My New Website Announcement – Cee’s Lipedema Sisterhood

For those of you who remember that I was in the hospital in August.  I wasn’t in the hospital even 48 hours.  But something wonderful happened that totally changed the direction of my life.  While in the hospital I had a consult with Jackie Meixl, a physical therapist and certified lymphedema and lipedema therapist. She checked out my legs and said she can do something about them. That’s the first time anyone has said that.  I ended up being diagnosed with Lipedema.

Chris and I have started a website and blog that is all about Lipedema and my journey to learn how to manage the disease.  You may want to check out our About pages. It’s a drop down list from the main menu. You will be able to read my About Cee page, and an About Chris page.

You will notice that there is a Cee’s Therapy Timeline regarding my lipedema treatment. Chris is the basic author for this page. It will be updated as often as needed.

Me sitting in my recliner with my legs and knees in compression gear. Maddie (pug) offering support.

Chris is putting together a Resources page where you can find lots of things to read, websites with lipedema information and even a movie

She is also helping me get used to being in front of the camera and we’ve created a page How I Hate Pictures, where you will see me dressed in lipedema fashion, called compression clothing or treatment.

Please feel free to follow my new website and get updates.  Also, if you know of anyone with lipedema, pass along the information.

Thanks for all your support.
Qi hugsCee



  1. This is wonderful, Cee!!!!! As a fellow traveler of someone else who has an incurable, but medically managed disease, I can absolutely say that when I was finally correctly diagnosed, it changed my life. In my case, it literally saved my life, as my body had begun the process of shutting down and dying. This is FANTASTIC news! 💕


  2. Congratulations first on finding a way to manage a difficult physical problem and for starting a new site. I have something that looks like lipedema, but is apparently a side effect of one of my medications, so I’m heading in the direction of compression socks. Garry’s mom had a terrible problem with lipedema. Also, I don’t think she had very good medical care. It made her older years very difficult.


    1. What you have is probably lymphedema, which is a little easier to manage. Compression should work. If you can find a physical therapist who is trained in lymphedema, you should get some wonderful relief.


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