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I’ve become extremely insecure

Here is my latest post on Cee’s Lipedema Sisterhood website.

Cee's Chronic Illness Sisterhood

NOTE: Yesterday, Sunday I was feeling guilty and sad. Chris asked me to tell her how I was feeling and she typed up my responses to that question.

I feel like I’ve become extremely insecure since the lipedema stuff (treatment) started. I just feel like a total wimp. Very weak. Not able to make decisions. Physically and emotionally weak. Not on point, like anybody could walk over me. For me, that’s a real new sensation.

It’s like when I got out of the hospital the first time and you (Chris) brought me the little turtle. I was scared to death of it because it was trying to crawl out of the container he was in and I couldn’t do anything to stop him. I knew he was going to start crawling up on me. I felt helpless.

I have to take my knees off (compression garments) to get up and…

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  1. Be patient with yourself, and feel the feelings. One day at a time. That turtle photo is wonderful. Do you notice his shell, and how slowly a turtle has to move?


  2. Hugs to you Cee. You have entered a new phase, and though it is a positive that you now know how to help treat the lipedema, it is in a way a “new you”- which means leaving the comforts of living with the “old” you. Quite understandable to feel such a mix of emotions. I know sometimes I have felt I would rather just go along with what I know even if whatever change will be for the better. I hope you are feeling better soon.


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