Enter the Mummy

Chris’s latest post on Cee’s Lipedema Sisterhood blog.

Cee's Chronic Illness Sisterhood

Week of September 4th, 2019: Cee has lost 30 pounds since she got out of the hospital, all of it fluid basically in her right leg. It’s half the size it was a week ago. So amazing!

We started wrapping the other leg, so she’s a mummy on both of her lower legs. Her legs are painful, but the leg that has been wrapped for a week isn’t as tender. Her body is adjusting well.

Note: Photo on the right was taken on September 6, 2019.

We spent time talking about going camping again. We used to hike and camp year round when we lived in Colorado. We both miss that. Over the years, Cee has become increasingly immobile as her legs have gotten bigger and bigger. We’ve had to give up a lot, but now we’re starting to see some sunshine. We have some hope.

Her pants are getting…

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  1. Thanks for creating this blog. It helps those who have this illness find hope.
    I, too, have lymphedema from DVT clots in my left leg. When it swells which isn’t all
    the time it can be very painful. Immobility with a raised wrapped leg is the only hope.
    Compression stockings and wrapping helps too. I’m not sure if you’ve tried this but soaking in a bath of epson salts helps release fluids. May your treaments ehlp to give you continued good results.
    Blessings … Izzy 😎


    1. Lymphedema is not fun to have either. Keep the compression up. I know I spend half my time with my leg raised the other half compressed or exercising. 😀 So glad you are liking my new blog. Please pass it on to anyone who could maybe benefit. 😀 Thanks! Izzy I hope you get better soon and find some relief.

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