Announcements and New Challenges

On Wednesday I have a new challenge starting.  I have a new banner for it and have created a home page for the challenge itself, On The Hunt for Joy Challenge.   Our first topic will be “Get Outside”.  I really don’t care if all you do is stand outside for a few minutes and take a selfie or a photo from your front door.  You can always go some outside and take a hike, a drive or ride a horse just remember to bring your camera and take a photo or two.   I know for me just being outside, I get a sense of joy and adventure.

Also here are a few challenges with updates for 2020 or new challenges.

For more updates you may want to see my Photo Challenge or Writing Challenge pages.  If you host a challenge that is not listed please feel free to contact me.

Title:  One-sentence Memoir Challenge

  • Host Name:  Judy Dykstra-Brown
  • Host Blog:  Lifelessons –  A Blog By Judy Dykstra Brown
  • Type of Challenge:   Writing
  • Short Description:  I challenge you to write as many one-sentence memoirs as you can in 15 minutes, and then share them with us in the comments below.
  • Day challenge is published and frequency:  Daily – January 2020


Title:  Are you Square?

  • Host Name:  Becky
  • Host Blog:  The Life of B
  • Type of Challenge:  Photo – January 2020 –  Light
  • Short Description: A month long challenge with a topic.  Whilst I will be posting a Square shaped photograph daily, you don’t have to. You can join in daily for the whole month, or pop in and out. Whatever suits you, your blog and your circumstances. Just remember the only rule is that your photograph must be square in shape!
  • Day challenge is published and frequency:  Quarterly and runs for an entire month.  Months for this challenge is April, July, October and January


Title:   Monthly Colour challenge

  • Host Name:  GC The Main and SueW Nan’s
  • Host Blog:   Weekly Prompts – Your second chance to be creative
  • Type of Challenge:   Weekly Prompts for writing, photography, artwork
  • Short Description:  We decided to team up and create an alternative site “Monthly Colour Challenge” Your second chance to be creative, a site aimed at writers, poets and photographers who still crave the opportunity to present their work to the public.
  • Day challenge is published and frequency:  Monthly


Title:  Thursday Travel

  • Thursday-Travel-Challenge-IconHost Name: Tatiana
  • Host Blog: Thursday Travel
  • Type of Challenge: Photography
  • Short Description: This is about sharing our Travel Photography and Experiences, in a weekly theme that will change every Thursday.
    – Please insert the location of your pictures. Want to tell us more about your shots? That would be GREAT and highly appreciated. – Let’s Travel Together!
  • Day challenge is published and frequency: Thursday, Weekly


I’ve gathered a list of challenges and their hosts.  So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I hope everyone will be able to use my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs



My blog is my way of communication these days, comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks for stopping by to visit.

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