Searching for Joyful Feelings

Here is the latest on my Cee’s Lipedema Sisterhood blog.

Cee's Chronic Illness Sisterhood

Cee and I have been looking for ways to increase the joy in our lives. We’ve been exercising our “joy muscles” by finding the things that bring us joy and opening ourselves up to others. It’s been great fun.

One thing that we needed to do was to figure out what joy felt like. If you are any normal adult, you’re probably used to saying “I’m fine” whenever anyone asks how you are. We have all learned to stuff down and ignore our feelings. It’s easier to pretend to be fine than to really look at how our day, and our lives are going.

So we started by putting an app on our phone that helps us track joy. Daylio is a mood tracker and easy way to journal without having to type much. Pick an emotion, add the activity you are doing and you’re done. Instant journaling. You can…

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  1. Great app.. for me it’s a choice.. I get up in the morning with a smile.. But I’m not prone to illness yet and other things so slightly easier.. I start my day knowing it’s going to be a blessed day.. 😉


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