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Evacuation Day 6

Last night I think it was the first night Chris and I actually slept. In fact she is napping right now.  My niece (Cassandra) and my brother in Law (John) are out right now.  It’s nice to be alone.

My family is taking such great care of us.  My sister, Beth, is a nurse so obviously with Covid there is no way she can take off work.  In fact, she has a 100 mile limit she has to stay within because she is always on call.

Cassandra my niece has a Ph.D. in philosophy was just starting to teach at a university.  And lost her job through all of the covid and no school going on.  So she moved from Notre Dame back to her parents house.  Cassandra is a brilliant student and went school on a Fulbright scholarship.  She even studied in Europe.  So Beth and John has been a safe harbor for Cassandra as well as us.

Our house should be safe.  Canby has been downgraded to a green status, which is be aware evacuation may be necessary.  The problem is now the smoke.  The fires closest to us are still uncontrolled.  There is little wind, but the smoke is the worst in the world right not.  Portland, Oregon even made the NY Times front page today.  Canby’s smoke is about 100 points higher than Portland.

Chris’s brother in Pennsylvania (east coast of the US), is a firefighter and he told us the smoke from the west coast is effecting their skies.  The smoke is high enough it’s not a danger, but he described as if the sun was fogged over.

All is well here.  We are just wanting go home and return to a post-fire life.  That probably won’t happen for a few days yet though.  Beth and John have been our life savers.

I may not be responding to you, but I’m reading all your heart felt comments and feel all your virtual hugs, well wishes, and prayers.  You are touching me deeply.  I’ve hope I’ve answered some of your questions.


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  1. Smoke from the West Coast is also affecting Toronto’s skies, but in comparison it is only a minor inconvenience. Let’s hope that all this calms down for everyone to fully enjoy the beautiful colours of autumn.


  2. We’re seeing some haze from the smoke over here too, I can’t imagine how much worse it must be for you. Good to hear your house seems to out of the fire’s path. Praying for rain. Be well and stay safe.

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  3. Glad to hear all in your family are safe! I can’t believe it’s been a week since these wildfires started out of control – doesn’t the Labor Day windstorm feel like a month ago? The smoke here in SW Washington has improved today but I feel so badly for those that must work outside and for all the animals. It has been heartwarming knowing all the people I know and those I don’t have been stepping up to help move, relocate, house, or feed all the animals from the affected areas. Anyone with a horse trailer were on the move immediately. Communities always step up in emergencies. As much as I love where I live now, my heart is still in the Willamette Valley where I grew up. I hope to retire someday in the Silverton/Salem/Aurora/Aumsville area.

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  4. 🙂 Dear Cee, dear Chris,
    stay safe and try to make the best of the times you can share with your family!
    Take care and a big hug from the other side of the world
    ‘Claudia xo xo 🙂


  5. Glad you are safe and being cared for, Cee. We weren’t given any evacuation notices, however when I saw the AQI in Long Beach, WA where we have a condo was 57, while Vancouver was 450 I booked us in for a few days. Jello is so happy to get to be able to go outside for walks again! Cheers to you and Chris.

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  6. I’m glad to hear that your house is probably safe but I think it would be a good thing if you don’t go back for a week at least to be sure the winds don’t change and to give the air time to clear. If it is anything like what I experienced in Geeveston you will have a lot of dust and ash to clean up from around the house when you get home so get some rest. I’m wishing for rain for you to help the firefighters get these fires under control although sadly they will probably burn for many more weeks even when they are controlled.
    At least you are getting a chance to visit with Beth when she is not working. Stay safe and relax.

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  7. I am glad you and Chris have found safe harbor. My sister was mentioning our skies tonight. I hadn’t noticed but I will look up tomorrow. Our whole nation is in the grip of so many terrors right now. Stay safe my friends.

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  8. Good to hear that you’re safe. What you’re going through is so reminiscent of Australia’s fires last summer. I do hope for everyone’s sake that these giant, fierce fires don’t recur every year in the various fire-prone countries.

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  9. The fires down there look apocalyptic. We humans are reaping what we’ve sown as climate change takes its toll on God’s creation, including us. Do stay safe, and hopefully you will be able to return to your home in the near future.

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  10. I’m glad to read you are staying safe with your family, Cee, and that you are well. The smoke in OR looks horrible! It has been in hazardous range while we’ve been here in Spokane, but it gets a little better every day.


  11. Thank you again for sharing, so glad you all stayed safe. Just hope the long term effects of the smoke for those who couldn’t leave the worst areas. The smoke from your fires has affected our sunsets and sunrises here in the UK – we have had some unusually red ones over the past few weeks, and the other days one of the national forecasters confirmed it was because of the Oregon and Californian fires. The whole world is affected, the whole world needs to start taking action!


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