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Evacuation Day 8 – Chris

We had hoped to head home today but the weather gods are still frowning on us. The air quality index at home is in the 400s, still higher than the 250 that is considered dangerous to life. It’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, so we will see what happens.

Our town is officially outside the evacuation zone now. Hooray! I feel sorry for our friends who are still waiting and hoping.

The biggest fire close to us is now 6% contained. Six percent of 135,000 acres isn’t much. They think it won’t be out until sometime in October. We’re hoping our rainy season starts soon. It should have started already. Not a good year to be late.

The smoke is arriving here, 750 miles away. The air is hazy but still breathable.

We went to Walmart today to stock up on a few things for the trip home, and to gas up the car. They had delicious air, cool and refreshing, without a hint of smoke. I remember when life was so clean, clear and easy. LOL

The pugs are settling in enough that they have started to play again. That’s a good sign. Out cat is eating full meals again, although he’s none too happy about wearing a harness and having his movements restricted. He’s never had to do that in his 20 years of life but we know if we let him roam freely that he’ll find the perfect hiding place and we’ll never get him out.

Taco (Beth and John’s chihuahua) is adjusting well also. He’s become quite interested in cat food (such good smells!) but hasn’t been able to snag any yet. He watched our pugs playing and seemed quite intrigued by it. Rescue dogs generally don’t know much about playing, so this is good for him.

Thanks for following us through all this. We truly appreciate all your kinds words, thoughts and prayers.


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  1. Our smoke is worse today than it was yesterday, but far below the numbers for the “norther” part of the state. Hang in there.


  2. When say rain you mean at your home. I haven’t seen any rain in the near future for southern Idaho. Been hoping as rain will clear out the smoke. Have a safe trip back to Oregon whenever you can go.


  3. It’s so scary to think of breathable air as being unavailable. I hope you guys get to go home soon, but I’m happy that you’re safe.Thanks for keeping us informed.


  4. Thanks for keeping us updated. I hope you can go home soon but best to wait for breathable air. It’s good to hear that the pets are settling down. I was quite suprised at how well Polly, my cat, adjusted to evacuation. She’s not a sociable cat and I did have a battle getting her in to her carrier. It didn’t affect her appetite though, nothing does. Cindy I think has been even more clingy since that time. She cries whenever I leave her now.


  5. Your and Chris are in my thoughts and prayers
    And thanks for letting your readers be a part of this life event – wow – crazy times we live in


  6. Your comment about rescue dogs not knowing much about playing struck me. My sweetheart’s dog rarely would play or fetch. The nearest he got would to take a sock and hide it in the garden – to stop us playing fetch, probably! I’m glad you’re all settling in.


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