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Last on the Card April 2021 Challenge

Here is my entry for Brian at Bushboys World blog, Last photo on our Cards for April 2021.

On Friday, Chris and I went to the Tulip Fields. This is the last photo I took at the edge of the fields. The second photo is a photo I took on the opposite side of the road.

Photo taken with my Sony A7III.
Photo taken with my Sony A7III.

And then when we got home, I pulled out my iPhone 7 and took this photo of one of my azaleas.

I’ve put together a list of challenges and their hosts.  So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I hope everyone will be able to use my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. The tulip field is gorgeous! I wouldn’t mind looking at that every day! 🌷❤️ All your photos are great, have a wonderful weekend! ~Diana


  2. Wow Cee, your Azaleas are wonderful. I wasn’t expecting a field of Tulips 😀 and the weathering on the building is so good. I am happy you have such great last photos even if they aren’t as Margaret said lol Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂


    • So I don’t have to respond to you at all. You did it for me. April is Tulips, May is Irises and Peonies. May through summer is roses (I’m not a fan though), September and early October is Dahlias. There are others, but those are the biggest ones.

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      • Yeah yeah! Stop trying to bribe me to come to Oregon. LOL! I like roses too! I can’t be around Gardenias and the smelly Lilies. So allergic! 🙂


        • Lilies don’t bother me at all. Bearded Iris, now they scent I’m really bothers me. I have to take a anti-histamine before I go to the gardens or I get horribly sick almost instantly. Not a fun experience. The few I have in my yard, I’m okay with but a 10-acre garden, no.

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