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Weekend Sky #32 – Weather Forecast Hot and Hotter

Here is my entry for Hammad’s Weekend Sky Challenge.

Oregon and the Pacific Northwest is in a heatwave. We are suppose to get temperatures close to 114F (45C). That is about 35 degrees warmer than we are used to this time of year. Here is a photo of our sky I took a couple of days ago.

I’ve put together a list of challenges and their hosts.  So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I hope everyone will be able to use my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. I hope you are finding ways to stay cool. I’m dreading the next few days, as I only have an inefficient heat pump. The dogs and I will be very happy when this passes. (And we’ll never ever complain about being cold again!.)


    • We have a heat pump too. It works into the low 90s. I don’t even want to image what the next few days will be like. We are really keep the house cool when we can. Stay safe Maggie 😀

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  2. Cee,
    How awful! Not Oregon weather at all. Here on the east coast it’s a bit cooler than normal.


  3. Living in Spokane, it is, as you described, hot, hot,
    and hotter!
    In addition to the heat, we are entering a drought situation.
    Rain, rain, where are you? The birds, bees, flowers, and trees need you now!
    I am praying to St. Anthony to find us a big rain cloud and bring it over to Spokane; let it rain, please God.


    • We are way short on rain too. The winter rain really good, but we hardly had any spring rain, which is highly unusual for us. Stay safe this week.


  4. Oh, Cee, if I can make a suggestion that might help, close your windows and curtains/blinds when you get up in the morning. The dark interior keeps the house cooler. Running a sprinkler near your back or front door at night, with everything open, operates like an air conditioner, or wet towels near a fan, and make sure you drink lots of water.
    Who says there’s no climate change?!


    • We have a heat pump, not quite as good as air conditioning at these temps, but it so far is keeping up with it. We do have our black out curtains closed. We have used wet towels in the past. Hopefully inside won’t get that hot. Although it’s much warmer in the late afternoon and evening just because our heat pump isn’t cooling as efficient when it’s over 90.


  5. We have heatwaves in the summer that hit triple digits here in Maryland. The Spring of 1982 we had one such heatwave in May! It’s miserable. That summer I had a job moving furniture. Ouch!


  6. 45°C!!
    This is what my city goes through from early May till mid June every summer. The mercury rarely goes down below 40°C.
    Keep your water intake above max level and stay indoors. A wet towel over your head will be good.
    If only I could send the clouds over my city towards you!
    If only!!


  7. You are the hot spot of the world this year like you were the fire capital last year. These things aren’t supposed to happen in Oregon. Yikes. Very scary!


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