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Daisies in Memory of my Sister

Yesterday my sister died. She had a long hard battle fighting heart disease. My dear brother in law asked me to send him photos of daisies since daisies were my sisters favorite flower. Here the the Shasta Daisies I sent him this morning.

I remember my sister and I picked daisies as kids in the forest when we lived in Northern Minnesota. We’d bring them home and put them in colored water and watch the daisies turn colors.

This one is John’s favorite, it reminds him (and me) of my sister, John and their daughter.
Good bye my dear sister and get some much needed and well deserved rest.

I’ve gathered a list of challenges and their hosts.  So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I hope everyone will be able to use my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. Cee, I’m so sorry to read this. There is no good time to die but if life gets too hard it can be a deliverance. So glad you have happy memories to fall back on. These photos are beautiful. God bless!

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear that your sister passed away. My sister died this year as well, in June. But I do love your pictures of the daisies. They are my favorite flower as well, and there’s something very peaceful and healing about them.

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  3. Dear Cee I am so sorry to hear of your sister’s passing. My condolences to you and her family. Your Daisies post is a lovely and loving tribute. May her memory be a blessing. More Daisies: 🌼 🌼 🌼

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  4. Cee, sending you all best wishes.
    I am so sorry for your loss.
    The daisy is my favourite flower. So simple and pure and beautiful. Your images are truly beautiful and a lovely way to remember your sister.

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  5. My heart goes out to you in your grief, Cee, and my prayers that you and your brother-in-law and family will be blessed with comfort and peace. The daisies are beautiful, my favorite flower when I was a child. They speak of a beauty that never fades.

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  6. Please accept my deepest sympathies on the passing of your sister. Daisies are such beautiful flowers so they are a lovely way to remember her. 🌼🌼

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  7. Such beautiful daisies in honour of your sister Cee and we are so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you, your brother-in-law and all the family at this difficult time and may your sister rest in peace 🌼🕊

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  8. I was so sad to read this Cee – my heart is with you as you try to deal with such a loss. How sweet that her husband called on you for the daisy images. May they always remind you of her love.

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  9. My condolences on your sister’s passing. I know you’ll miss her, but it sounds like you have many good memories of her. This was a beautiful memorial post for her. Thanks for sharing.

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  10. So sorry for your loss, Cee. How wonderful you could send some comfort to her husband and family – daisies ♥ They will always remind you of her. Hugs ♥


  11. Precious post, Cee. Your sister deserved those beautiful daisies as a tribute. I hope you are all doing well today. I’m thinking about you all and prayed during my walk/photo shoot.

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  12. Feelings of sadness washing over me Cee. I thought I would send a few daisies of mine. Many hugs for you and Chris and John. 🤗🤗🤗❤❤


  13. I am so sorry to see this Cee. The only comfort may be that now your sister is no longer suffering from her disease. I join your other blogging friends in sending you a virtual hug and much heartfelt sympathy.

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  14. What beautiful flower photos, what sweet words. I am so so sorry for the loss of your sister, Cee. Love, hugs and prayers for peace and comfort to you and your family. 🤗🙏🌼🌼💚

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  15. I feel a wave of sadness washing over me – thinking of you and the field of daisies where your sister is now picking them to place in jars of coloured water.


  16. Dear Cee,
    I’m sorry to read of your sister’s passing.
    My heart felt condolences to you and your family!
    Consider yourself hugged in these crazy and sad times.
    Stay safe!
    Claudia xo 🙂


  17. Cee, my blog was down for days, I am just seeing this. Peace and comfort for your lost! Bless you and your family! Btw, my Friday Flowers were daisies, I dedicate them to your sister. Sorry for your loss!

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