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A Long Time Coming

For those of you who needs some inspiration of your blog, WordPress is giving us prompt every day in January. I’m playing to join along.

Clare (see reblog below). Put a post out and announcing WP challenge. Thanks Clare.

Hugs Cee


It’s been a long time since WordPress issued a challenge and an even longer time since I joined in on one.

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  1. Nice idea but it has a lot of “strings.” This isn’t WordPress exactly. It’s “joining a community” and not a community of your own making, but something else and having just read all the literature, I’m not sure exactly what we are supposed to do. I’m pretty sure this is aimed at the “business” community, intended for recruiting people, assigning activities, etc. I’m also not sure I clearly understand what they want or even id this is actually a WordPress activity or “something else.”

    What do YOU think?/ I’m not sure what I think or, at this point, even IF I think.


  2. I really hope this turns out to be fun. January is usually a pretty dull month, so this has got to at least make it a bit more interesting. I’m also at something of a low point too. I have good ideas, but I can’t produce them daily and I’m not doing well with the whole “walking” thing. Which makes taking pictures challenging too.


      • I’m fine with our call. In fact, that is definitely a highlight. Unless you need the time for yourself. I can totally understand that. Chris and I talked a lot yesterday. Most of the overwhelming sadness is our weather. We normally get rain this time of year. But this year, it is unless rain and the clouds are dark. It’s like we are close to sundown all the time. It’s just depressing. We normally get plenty of breaks and lighter white clouds in between the worst of the rain. We’ve not even been out driving around or anything, Just stuck in the house.


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