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A Special Thank You to Every Viewer

My heart is overwhelmed by all of you. I am celebrating all of you who appreciate my blog. Early this morning while I was still asleep, you all have given over 2,000,000 views.

I’ve gathered a list of challenges and their hosts.  So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I hope everyone will be able to use my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. Oh yes, Cee, count me in that number! Hooray for you. Single-handedly inspiring others across the blogosphere. Congratulation on this milestone.


  2. Fantastic! I thank YOU for hosting challenges to take part in, and your gorgeous photos. May you have many more blogging successes! 🙂


  3. congrats, Cee…what an honor to be associated with you in my own small way. basking in reflected glory. You never fail to stay cheerful and always comment on contributions. My own meager list just barely passed a thousand…two million is a LOT of viewers. What would happen if all 2,000,000 of us chimed in at one time? The crash would be heard on the Moon. 🙂


  4. That is awesome news Cee and so well deserved! 👏 Many congratulations and thank you so much for all your amazing photo challenges and endless inspiration 🌺


  5. Wow, 2M! Congratulations, Cee!!! Thank you for teaching so many of us how to photograph and to enjoy the beauty around us. 🙂 ❤


  6. It’s proof – you’re a legend.
    Thank you for everything you do in this space and for your friendship.
    I guess we head for 3×10^6.


  7. It has been so much fun to be part of your 2M. My photography has changed a bit over those years of being a photo challenge addict, stepping out of a lot of nature and into a varied content. I has been good to get into B&W as that’s where my photography started many many years ago.
    Here’s to the next 1,000,000 🥂🎂🤗💕


  8. I am delighted to be among those 2 million views. I always enjoy your posts Cee and appreciate how you provide access to the other challenges.


  9. Congratulations Cee Neuner
    An impossible task in one’s life time but you made it possible.
    You are an inspiration to all of us.
    You are the teacher par excellence.
    I learnt a lot from you these years.
    I wish I had known you earlier.
    By observing your themes and going through your photos I learnt much more and much faster.
    I am amazed of your energy which you are using to guide all of us.
    By your constant support and encouraging words you make us gain confidence.
    We are all grateful to you.


  10. This is a huge announcement! Congrats on having so many boggers who enjoy your posts, contests, photography. I know I do! Happy Friday to you.


  11. That is an astounding number of views. But you work hard – harder than anyone I know at this hobby of blogging that we enjoy. And you do it with heart and efficiency, too. Almost everyone I visit has a little Cee Neuner avatar in the views box. You deserve every one of those views, and by this time next time, you may have another million views. 🙂


  12. Your photography is so beautiful and always a welcome sight on my feed. The work you put into the challenges admirable. Thank you for sharing your talents with us! ❤


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