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New Photo. Scary looking smoky skies – Six Word Saturday

This post is in response to Debbie’s at Travel With Intent blog Six Word Saturday Challenge.

I took this photo about 10 minutes ago (7:30 am 9/10/22). We are in the middle of a windy heat wave and the smoke from wildfires is unbelievable. Hopefully by tomorrow the wind will shift.

I’ve gathered a list of challenges and their hosts.  So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I hope everyone will be able to use my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. OMG so sorry! I hope the wind does shift from the hurricane down in Southern CA. On 9-9-2019 we had an historic orange sky day. There was a dire beauty to the images that we never will forget. I hope you can stay in and be able to breath safely.

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  2. Ominous skies. I was traveling in Oregon about 5 years ago, and saw a sky like that and did not know why the sun was a bright orange. Now I know. It seems like this all started about then.

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  3. That sky looks ominous so I’m glad the fires are not too close to you. I remember how you and Chris had to go away from the last lot. Make sure you stay inside it’s nasty stuff to breathe in.
    It’s autumn where you are, it’s not usually so hot in Oregon in September is it?

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    • The rains usually start in September. So we are getting the last of the main heat. Today our high is much lower and will be for the next week or so. I just want our rains to start 😀 😀

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  4. Oh my Cee, hope things are getting cooler for you now.

    Sorry not been in touch, was Robert’s Birthday last week so been an emotional time. And now I have Covid!!


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