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Music felt within … – Happiness Project

Here is my entry for Algeria from the Life with Alegria Happiness Project.

Music has always played a part of my life. Although I don’t really play an instrument, I have always had a keyboard and can read music enough to pull out a melody here and there. When I was a teen, I’d sit in my room for hours writing out the lyrics to my record albums. I would write down a few words. Then I would replay the song and slowly write down more words to a song. Remember this was in the mid 1970s and computers and electronics were not available to the average person yet. This process of listening to music and writing down the lyrics was my way of staying quiet and safe, while the rest of my household was neither quiet nor safe.

I still listen to many of those songs today. Of course, over the years I’ve added more songs and much more music. On the joyful side, I’m able to actually sing again, since long covid stopped me from breathing and singing. So to be able to feel the music again is wonderful and makes me happy.

This is one of the songs that has meant a lot to me in more recent years.

A great fun song to sing has always been a song by the Carpenters.

I took this photo in my early days of photography. I didn’t pay attention to my reflection in the glass, I was just trying to get a photo of this vintage cello. Although with my reflection it almost looks as if I am a ghost playing the cello.

For the Love of Challenges

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Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. Thank you for your honest, thoughtful share. Beautiful song selection- one sends shivers down my spine and the other takes me back to the 70s!


  2. It’s great that you can sing and enjoy your voice again Cee. I too used to do try writing of the lyrics thing, stopping and restarting my Walkman so I could collect the words. And great song’s you chose. I play and sing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah on my ukulele. Love it. Thanks for your lovely post!


  3. Thanks so much for sharing this, Cee. I’m so happy you have your music again. Cohen is a great favourite of mine too. A treat this morning. Have a great weekend!


  4. I love your love of music. I’m a music enthusiast too since my father was a musician. I didn’t follow his footsteps and choose a career in healthcare (laboratory medicine) – but I do take piano lessons and sing in our church choir. The cello photo is really cool. Maybe there’s a message in it telling you to take up cello πŸ™‚


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