Cee’s Compose Yourself Lessons

Cee's-Compose-lessonCee’s Compose Yourself Lessons (CCY) is a series of Lessons I did for photo composition.  I will most likely add more lessons from time to time.

What Is Composition?

There are dozens of factors that come into play in the art of composition.  The more familiar you are with them, and the more you practice them, the more successful you will become.  As you learn the basics and practice defining your compositions, you will bring a professional quality to all of your photography.

There really aren’t a lot of books on composition for art of any type, but especially for photography.  Composition is about is how an individual person sees their world and records it in their art. We all see differently, and that is reflected in our photographs.

I’m teaching how I see and use composition in my own photography.  I hope it will help you expand your vision and how you will decided to compose your pictures.  Everyone develops their own style, but you can’t have a successful style until you learn the basics.  Once you understand those, you can pick and choose as you like.

Composition is the first step in successful photography.  All the post-processing skills in the world won’t help if the composition is bad to start with.  Your pictures need to have good “bones” to give you something to work with.


Here are links to the past lessons:


  1. I’m really looking forward to this challenge, Cee! Not so much for participation but to see and learn from you and other participants. I already love the first topic as this is something I struggle with all the time. I see something beautiful and my brain interprets it a certain way but when I try to recreate that with a photo I fail miserably. Thank you so much for all the time, energy, effort, and love you put into your blog and challenges. It has made such a difference in my own blogging and photography and really makes learning fun.

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  2. Hi Cee, Trying o figure out if I have my weeks mixed up. Is the Horizontal challenge this week or next? I always get excited about your challenges! Sometimes jump the gun!


    1. I took this week off. I made a couple of announcements….you must have missed them. The Horizontal challenge will be next week. Tomorrow I’m going to do a quick post stating that challenges start up with Odd Balls on Sunday and then the other weeks. Look for it. Thanks for asking.


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