Photo Tips and Tricks

This is a place for you to find  tips and tricks regarding composition for photography.  I am not a person who will speak technical mumbo jumbo, it just isn’t me. Do I know some of it? Yes, of course I do. But that is not how I explain things. I really want to help the average “I love photography” bloggers who want to develop their own eye and style. I feel I can share my experience and hopefully you will have some fun along the way.

Go do experiment with your camera and develop your own unique style.  Most of all have fun.  Let me know how it went for you.

Here is links Photo Tips and Tricks I have done in the past.


  1. For the macro pictures, do you need a special lens or could it be done with any.? I take close ups, but when I try to get even closer, the picture comes out blur… Thanks, Lor.


    1. Combination of both. It really depends on the camera. What type do you use? If you set your camera on highest resolution, you can always crop to get a macro too. That sometimes work if you can get reasonably close.


  2. Love your blog, Cee. I love to photograph but I find doing birds is very tricky. By the time I focus, they have flown away. I know part of the reason is because I can’t get near enough. Anyways, great blog.


  3. Okay, forgive me, linked to your site and Share Your World. I’m a fan/friend of Tempest Rose.

    I noticed this page and am writing — stupidly, naively perhaps — to ask if you have any DSLR camera recommendations. I’ve been using my iPhone and posting photos to Instagram, Flickr, and to my blog. My husband loves his point and shoot, which I hate because I love taking close-ups of flowers. I love flowers. Any recommendations? Obviously, I’m a newbie to DSLR photography.

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  4. Hi Cee, I noticed you dropped by my Concert photo’s page and hit the like button. Thanks for stopping by. You might remember that I asked you for some tips on shooting concerts a few weeks ago, but you didn’t like to stray too far into that area.
    I was just wondering what your thoughts were as I value your opinion?


  5. Hi Cee, I’m sure you have told us so my apologies for asking but what processing software do you use? Decided it is about time I bought a package rather than relying on the basic one my laptop came with.
    Thanks, Becky


      1. oh that’s really helpful. Thank you so much Cee. I’ve been looking at Lightroom but will now check out Adobe Bridge as well as you are the second great photographer to mention it.


        1. I like Bridge better than Lightroom. Bridge is a photo organizer which I think is far better than LR. Lightroom you have to import your photos and create pathways to find them. So if you move a photo, you have to change the pathway. i move photos all the time. Bridge works off your computer files so switching photos from one folder to the next is never an issue. Bridge has non destructive editing much like LR. LR is does a little bit more….When I need that little bit more, I just go into Photoshop and do it there.

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          1. ah that’s really helpful . .. I’ve just been reading something about the ‘import’ nightmare of LR and was wondering how much of a problem it was. Clearly it is! Thanks Cee.


            1. I won’t touch LR because of it. Photoshop is a pain to learn. But I’m finding if there is something I want specifically out of photoshop, I do a you tube search and I get my answer there.

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