One Word Photo Challenge: Melon

Here is my entry for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge with the color topic of Melon.  Melon is a light pinkish-orange.

I hope you enjoy my choices for this week’s challenge.



031715melonQi (energy) hugs,



  1. Cee–I guessed your response would be a flower, but the exquisite closeups were a surprise. The first reminds me of a Japanese fan. I thought I had seen every shade and combination of shades for the Hibiscus, but this one is incredibly subtle and gorgeous. The contrasts in textures and colors of the lily are also wonderful. Perfect cropping. And that sunset rainbow. You outdid yourself this time. I am loving this color challenge…Judy


    1. Judy, you are way too kind to me. The sunset I usually try to pull out more colors on the rainbow but I used the photo basically as it came out of the camera. I wanted that melon color. 🙂


      1. But it is so much more effective in these subtle tones…given the sunset behind it. Some things don’t warrant messing with!!! It is perfect as is, I agree. And, although I am usually polite, I only rave about the raveworthy…


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