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Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Pointy Things

I thought I would participate this week in Sunday Stills, the Next Challenge with the topic of Pointy Things.  I hope you like my selection.

A steeple.



Tanjoh Dahlia.051215pointed_3

A leaf with spikes.051215pointed

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  1. I am going try to another challenge this week. Thinking a color one or byways and landmarks. Another is natve plants but I don’t think there is a challenge for it.


  2. Very cool pictures! I feel inspired to go outside and photograph some of the many pointy things here in the desert…I’m actually appreciating our cacti (at this moment.);)


  3. I don’t know what kind of plant that spiked leaf is from, but what I can see in the background, it looks like a Venus Fly Trap. Great shots, Cee!!! I have no idea how you come up with all these challenges, but I give you a lot of credit for thinking them up!! Love, Amy ❤


    • I have no idea what kind of leaf that it. The leaf was about a 12 inches in size or bigger. It was at the water gardens and planted in a soil. Thanks for commenting.

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  4. Nice and the stickers on that leaf look like they could do some damage if grabbed the wrong way.


  5. Oops…Still confused. I sent this to you instead of wherever I’m supposed to send it. Wonder if I’m slipping? At any rate, I love your pic of the leaf with thorns on the underside. Judy


    • The thorns are actually on top of the leaf. Ouch!!!! You can always connect your challenge entries to me. I don’t care 🙂 🙂 That way I won’t miss them.


  6. A great collection of pointy things! I’ve never encountered a leaf like that before. It looks like a plant it’s best not to mess with!


  7. Beautiful color on the steeple, Cee, and the gorgeous flower 🙂 As for the spiked leaf, ouch! I’ve never seen such a thing before, but know it’s certainly not something I’d like in my garden 😉


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