The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Off Season

Here is my entry for The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Off Season.  Have a terrific weekend everyone.

It is mid June in the northern Hemisphere and snow is definitely off season for anyone under 10,000 feet in altitude.  We are around 300 feet here in Oregon where I live.  Photo taken out my home office window.


061215off season_3

End of season hydrangea.  This was a bright blue during the prime season for blooming.061215off season_2

The next two photos are off season for beauty photos.

A bison and baby.  Photo taken at Northwest Trek in Tacoma, Washington.

061215off season_1

Elk molting at Rosse Posse Elk Farm in Molalla, Oregon.
061215off seasonQi (energy) hugs



  1. Nice shots. Not sure yet what to do with this. I’m never sure what is on or off season … and where. Here, I know ON season is autumn. Is winter off? What about our so-called spring? And summer? Is that on? Off? And who says which is which?


  2. The hydrangea photo definitely feels off season because mine have just turned that brilliant bright blue they have at the beginning of their blooming season. I love the animal photos! And the snow…I sure hope we get a little snow this year. 🙂


  3. Wow! You outdid yourself this week. That picture of the elk molting is amazing. It looks like a painting. I’d love to hear you explain what your editing process was. Still learning here! The buffalo shot also wonderful. Judy


    1. That one has been edited so many times. I should just start over with the original. There were a lot of shadows on him, so I had to brighten up the shadows and bring the color back. 😀


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