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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Two Very Different Items or the Number Two


A man and an alpaca.

This is our second week of the number series .  This week’s topic is Two Very Different Items or the Number Two.  Feel free to dig around in your archives for photos if you don’t have anything knew you can photograph.   Most of all I hope you have fun.  This is definitely one where you can add photos of your favorite things.

022414-feature-bannerFeatured Bloggers

I had a marvelous response from all of you on last week’s theme of One Item or the Number 1. I want to say thank you to each of you.  Here are the featured bloggers for this week.  Their posts really grabbed my attention. They are all worthy of a second or third look.

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Current Series – All About Numbers

  • One Item or the Number One
  • Two Very Different Items or the Number Two
  • Three Items for the Number Three
  • Numbers and Letters
  • More than 5 Items

The Next Series – A Colorful World

  • Lime or Bright Green
  • Teal or Turquoise
  • Peach or Apricot
  • Cream to Light Brown
  • Burgundy or Maroon

How It Works?

Most weeks I will come up with a topic. Feel free to write me with things you want to learn about. Go through you photo archives and see what photos you have that fits the current week’s challenge, or better yet grab you camera and take a new photo! ENJOY and have FUN.

Create a Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge Post

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      4. I usually will respond to your entry on your blog, rather than on my page.

Please check out my Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge to check out more of what this challenge is about. cees-fun-foto If you adore challenges as much as I do, please check out WordPress’s Blog Event Listing for other challenges.

My Entry for the Week

Memory disk for my camera and a flower frog.  A flower frog helps flower stand upright.  Perfect for photo ops.



A tractor and green planting pot.061615two_2

A golden retriever and a duck.061615two_5

Qi (energy) hugs, Cee

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  1. Thank you so much Cee. I loved being featured in your blog. This is so encouraging. Wonderful entry this week, the first pic is unique in its own way.


  2. My mind has been blank on what two different items I could have in one picture. Now that I see your tractor and flower pot, I kick myself because I must have passed by many fitting photo opportunities when I was at the garden center the other day! I love the duck and dog. They’re so cute!


    • I thought it would be quiet easy, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought. But then I try to put out real obvious examples for my challenges too. You can always take a page out of Sundays Still and use two different kinds of flowers. I wanted to use a cat and dog photo, but I’ve posted a lot of photos of my 4 legged kids last week.


      • I may end up with a cat and dog picture if I don’t find anything else during my brief window of photography opportunity this afternoon. But I will still feel like I benefitted from the challenge because it did require some thinking!


  3. Thank you again Cee for featuring my post. This is motivating! I liked your picture of tractor and the pot. Loved the bright colors there; red and green.


  4. oh. I did not read it properly – I thought there were 2 items. Did not notice “different”…
    will have to skip this one then 🙂
    loving the dog&duck 😀


  5. Really fun theme and great shots! The dog and the duck are are bit strange, and I just love the tractor and the flower pot. Let’s see what I can find…


  6. It’s amazing how two completely different items jig the imagination. The Golden Retriever and the Duck looks surreal in the water but at the same time the moment looks completely normal! The tractor and the glass vase combination has magic to the composition. It feels like there is a story waiting to be told. Thank you for this inspiration Cee. I hope you are enjoying Summer. We are still waiting for the sunshine to arrive in UK! Qi.


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