Travel theme: Land Meets Water

Here is my entry for Travel theme: Land meets Water challenge.

Pacific ocean and coastline near Manzanita, Oregon.

071415water meets land_2

At Yaquina Lighthouse in Florence, Oregon.071415water meets land_1

Fort Stevens, Oregon where the Columbia River joins the Pacific Ocean..  The lower left part of the photo is the Pacific Ocean, the seawall separates the Columbia River from the ocean.071415water meets land


Qi (energy) hugs



    1. I don’t get out there often enough. I usually don’t go in the summers because it is too crowded and hot. I like Springtime and fall for going to the coast the best.


      1. We’ve gone in the summer, just because that’s when the kids are out of school but I would definitely prefer spring or fall. Or even winter. I’d like to see the big waves when a windstorm hits!


  1. That middle image …. that is some image – so powerful … you have captured just the reason why I love the ocean, the power in it. Magical image, Cee!!!


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