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Flower of the Day – February 8, 2016 – Deep in the heart of a tulip

Feel free to add your floral photo to the comments.  This way we can all enjoy everyone’s flowers.

020716flowerQi (energy) hugs


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    • Simply add the URL of the page you want to reference on your site. You may want to check out a post I did for Jennifer’s Color challenge. See how I referenced her and her challenge.

      To get a link like that underscore the words your want the user to click, then click on the link button (looks like two chain links) on your “edit bar” when you are writing your post, it will ask for a URL, then add my URL to the box. Then click on the box “open in new tab”.


      • Cee, I have done so and pray I have done it correctly. I am not sure you can know exactly what your kindness meant to me, but it is assuredly felt. You are talented, but you also have a beautiful soul; amazing combination!


  1. Its beautiful really awesome! I love flowers I can’t take pictures well at all my hand is not very study but I do have a collection of some floral pics I pinned on pinterest that I am going to post. Would you mind if I included a link to your post? I will be saying that you have a gifted eye for beauty and to look at your pic which is my inspiration for the post……if you would rather me not include this post I understand just let me know. Enjoyed this very much!


    • I always enjoy a brownish toned flowers. You have a wonderful photo it.
      I edit your URL to include the post URL rather than your blog. It’s easier to find your post that way.
      Thanks for joining in the fun. 😀


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