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One Word Photo Challenge: Cat

Here is my entry for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge with the topic of Cat.

This post is dedicated to my friend Nia of PhotographyOfNia Blog.  She has had a horrifying day with the bombing in Istanbul.  Please keep good positive energy flowing for her.  Nia absolutely adores cats and photographs stray cats.  I’ve linked this post to her most recent cat gallery.

The header photo is of my Freddie and Charlie.  The cats I found out and about.





Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. Purrr! What fabulous cats! Look at their green eyes! They look like large size cats – I don’t mean fat or overweight, just big cats! Unlike our cat Artemis, who I would describe as a small cat.


    • Glad you like my cats! I’m always surprised to see small cats. My cats (banner) are closer to 20 lbs and they are skinny for the most part. Thanks Georgie. 😀

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      • When we have taken Artemis on the plane, there is a weight limit of around 12lbs (might be less) for animal and carrier. I always worry that if she gets bigger they won’t let her on the plane. You must have a huge carrier for your cats!


  2. Beautiful photos of beautiful cats! My poor Trouble would love to have someone to cuddle with the way your cats cuddle but my other two won’t let him get close.


    • My two have been so close. Freddie (the one on the right) we’ve had since he was a kitten. Charlie we got when he was about 3ish. They are now 17 or 18 years old now. They’ve always been like that since day one.


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