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We the People of the US and the World

I have read a lot of blog posts this morning mostly about people being sad or scared at the election results in the US.

declarationLast night before the polls closed, Chris and I watched a short documentary on the Declaration of Independence by Danielle S. Allen.   She reported that the calligrapher the Declaration of Independence, Timothy Matlack (May 28, 1736 – April 14, 1826)  added some enhancements as he scribed the document.  He capitalized the “W” in “We the people” at the end of the listed grievances against the King, and that really set off the “We” of the Declaration of Independence.

I, too, am saddened by the election results. In fact I was awake most of the night, feeling ashamed of myself for not speaking my heart during this campaign.   I am not political in any sense of the word.   I was born an American and will always be an American.

martin-luther-king-photo“We the people” can change our country.  Our government founders gave us all a voice and the freedom to speak.  We the people might have to start at the grass roots like Martin Luther King did for our country.  He walked and marched in peace and brought about huge changes.  Danielle S. Allen, who did the Declaration of Independence documentary, was born a citizen of the USA in 1971, a woman, highly educated and has black South African ancestry.

The world has had many heroes who made a lot of changes which tells us that We the people of the world can make a difference.  Look at Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.



If they can make a change the world, so can We.  It is time We step up and start leading ourselves.  It’s possible.  The peaceful revolutionists have always been around and I’m sure number more than I could count or list.

In the US, We the people, are lucky to have a government that was so well planned out that a dictator is unlikely to ever come to power.  The three branches of government help with that.  Plus in four years, we get to vote again and start all over with a new understanding of ourselves.  We the people number in the hundreds of million, We should not leave all governing to just a few.

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. It seems that the majority of We the people got what they wanted. I am not usually so upset by the outcome of an election but Trump’s candidacy has worried me from the outset. I feel that the 3 branches will not be of any help as they will all be controlled by one party.

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    • We the people – that is, a majority of Americans who voted – chose Hillary Clinton to be our president. It was the archaic institution, the Electoral College, that allowed Trump to win. The last time this happened was in 2000, when Gore won the popular vote, but G.W. Bush became president. Unfortunately we do not have one person-one vote when it comes to.the presidential election.


      • You’re right. I stand corrected. Actually, I’m sitting right now, so I sit corrected. 🙂 Maybe it’s time for We, the people, to concentrate our efforts on updating or abandoning said college.


  2. Just pointing out that although Trump is a Republican sort of, he really isn’t a genuine Republican. Or a Democrat. What he is, is an opportunist.

    He doesn’t have a lot of friends on Capitol Hill. He didn’t run as a Republican. He ran as Donald Trump.

    There will always be a balance of powers, though it may not be what we’ve seen in the past. Unlike previous presidents, he doesn’t have his party behind him as a solid voting block. He’s going to have a lot of fast talking to do to convince them to follow him. They don’t owe him loyalty and that is going to significantly change the balance.

    Don’t panic. Yet. Garry is pretty sure it’s not really the apocalypse and Trump ISN’T going to nuke us into oblivion. Personally, i figure if he nukes the world, i’ll only have about a nanosecond to be surprised before I’m vaporized. So, as Alfred E. Newman always says: “What? Me worry?”

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  3. I am an activist and served as a Volunteer Lead in South Carolina for the Hillary campaign. I do wish you and others had spoken up during this Presidential election…there were to few voices of reason. I know there are many who were not encouraged by either candidate but now a person who ran one of the most negative campaigns has won and is set to be the next U.S. President.

    Finally there are already many organizations and political parties with an infrastructure in place. We do not have to recreate the wheel with new grass roots organizations. Build and remold what already exists.

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    • Many of us did speak out, and many of us worked to elect Democrats. Unfortunately, the news and social media jumped on every false story so people didn’t know what to believe. Then in the last few days, pundits got smug and predicted Hillary would surely win, based on unscientific exit polls. I believed them and was completely shocked at the result. But until the Electoral College is abolished it will never be one person-one vote in US presidential elections.


  4. Thank you for this post. I know it is not the apocalypse, but a veil has been lifted from this country and it is not pretty. I also fear that the balance of power has become a bit unbalanced. As a woman, this has all been very much a slap in my face, as it has been for all women. I hope we can keep up the good fight and not lose the rights we have fought so hard and so long for so many.

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  5. Reblogged this on On the Road Cooking and commented:
    Personally, from the beginning this election felt like a no-win situation, but did believe Hillary Clinton to be the better choice between the two severely flawed candidates. Like you, I was stunned when Donald Trump won the electorvote. But listening to both candidates as well as President Obama’s gracious and eloquent speeches I am hopeful that fences will be mended and just maybe we can create a bipartisan federal government for all.


  6. You have voiced what I thought even before the election. I have heard so much resignation here – so many people resigned to feeling ignored, forgotten and powerless in the face of establishment politics and big money. The horror of Trump might be the catalyst to changing that.

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  7. I have a different take from the other posts. It appears too many people have felt a veil gradually covering them the last eight years, that their voice was muted, that the balance of powers became unbalanced and some unsavory things in the executive branch and its agencies were swept under the rug. Many of them were frustrated with regulations out the kazoo and higher, instead of lower, health care costs. Somehow, someway Trump became their voice. I’ve been as much puzzled as the next guy, but it appeared Michael Moore of all people felt the palpable anger and disappointment in a large swath of Americans against either party of the establishment. As for me, I pray for great good to come out of this and believe God has some surprises up His sleeve, so to speak.

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    • Yes, the Universe I believe has some surprises for all of us. Thank you for voicing your thoughts. I am glad that President Obama got the health care issue up front and attempted to start to unravel something that is broken. Did I figure he’d succeed. Not in a million years and unfortunately that will be forever tied to him. I honor his attempt and hope other continue to tweak it until it does get fixed or becomes much more friendly and affordable for us.

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  8. The problems in this country are so multifaceted that it’s hard to know what to do. There is an midterm election in 2 years that can help redefine the congressional branch of government. We need to work hard to make sure people are working for us and not corporate America. That’s our next opportunity to make things happen. I’d encourage people to check out . It’s a bipartisan group working hard to get big money out of politics. They saw some victories this election.

    Thanks for adding your heartfelt words to the larger discussion.

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  9. Cee, I applaud you for speaking up. I do not think things are as bad as you fear. For certain, I think that black citizens will probably have a better chance with the republican government, (You do realize Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and the KKK was created by Democrats, right?)
    I also do not know how the rumor that Trump dislikes blacks and females gained ground, unless it was the way the mudslinging ads took his words out of context. The Clinton Foundation has a dual pay scale and they pay women less. Trump pays on one scale and promotes them – did you notice that his campaign manager was a female? That was a first.
    Thus, I am cautiously optimistic for the future of our country.


  10. Distressing is that, last I heard, he was behind in popular vote. So, once again, the Electoral College elected our president. I also heard that three to four million Democrats did not vote. It could have been different. Now we wait and see where we go. It will be a radical difference, I’m sure, from the intelligence, dignity, and grace of our current first family.

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    • Agree the Electoral College should be gotten rid of. It was necessary before air travel, internet and computers. Just for the time saved. In today’s era it isn’t necessary. Our current first family does show grace and dignity. That will be hard to be by anyone. Thanks Carol for responding.

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    • This happened in 2000 also, and I believe other times as well. But it’s also distressing that many people don’t vote, because they think that it won’t make any difference. Especially millennials. Except that they are wrong – it could and probably would have made a difference.

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      • The difference in 2000 was that the man that ended up in office was not a name-calling, disrespectful, deliberately divisive individual. And what followed is still with us – let’s hope this time goes better.

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  11. Thanks for the link, Cee. I too am choosing to have faith in the fact that our government has enough checks and balances in it to keep things from getting too crazy. I’m definitely going to be a bit more involved in politics than I was before this though. My main concern that I was writing about is the fact that having him as our president makes it that much harder to raise kids (especially teenagers!) to understand that the kind of things Trump says and is applauded for are just not right. Fortunately it seems there are a lot of people like you and your readers out there to set a good example.


  12. I loved this post. Even though I am not American I, and most of my fellow South Africans, have followed these elections with great interest. The disbelieving outcry in this country when we woke up to a Trump victory mirrored the same outcry in your country. “We the people” have made all the difference in my country to bring us into the light of democracy by Tata Mandela in 1994, and now, with our current president. I have no doubt that the American people will remember that they are “We the people” and that will make all the difference.


    • Regina, you have just made me look a little different at my country and our founders. Thank you for sharing. I’m sure We the people will be fine and stronger because of this election.

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  13. Since I’m a Dutch citizen -so I couldn’t vote, but already have lived for more than 30 years in the USA , what people think and do does effect me, and since I pay taxes and had a job here(now I’m retied).
    Never thought about elections and the presidents effected me hardly, since in a kingdom one is connected emotionally (or not) to the king and queen.. Had it not been for innocently posting the Las Vegas Trump tower 2 weeks before it was known that he would run. I immediately got two negative responses, and I was taken back because these two had always been positive. Little did I know how the elections would turn out -to be one long string of positives and negatives.
    No matter in which country I live (this is the fourth) there will always be “we the people” and sincerely hope the unity I felt here in the eighties will come back again.


  14. Well said, Cee. I am still a bit apprehensive and worried about the implications of this election. And, I struggle understanding what it is that most Americans are not happy about in this country. I assume they have never been elsewhere and are just too spoiled!


  15. It is what it is and now we have to live with it. I think it’s a tragedy. But we must let him do his work and we will see what he can achieve. Make no mistake though, we are watching, and if things get out of hand we are able to be loud in support of the American system.


  16. Me and my circle were STUNNED by the election results. I love what Chris has done to deal with it all. I was doing a major catch online – the last two months were non-stop. And here comes Christmas. Waving at you and sending good vibes your way from Cape Cod


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