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Black & White Sunday: Headshot

Here is my entry for Paula’s from Lost in Transition blog Black & White Sunday Challenge with the topic of Headshot.

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. Ha! Yours is alpaca and mine is a camel :D. Wonderful, Cee. How cool is it to make people laugh. This was a fun post!


  2. Hello Cee, this is Sight. It is a long comment. So bear with me. You may or may not remember me from the daily photo prompt challenge. Space photography guy.. I am deliberately posting this comment on this post.. Because it is an old post.. And i love what you wrote.. Lost in transition.. I am here writing a comment because you are a photographer and because I want your opinion..
    I am new to blogging community(One month only).. And from that time i have written posts that i like. But photography was never my strong forte.. A monkey can do it better than me.. Or so I think.. I have participated in three photo prompts for the daily post. In all 3 I posted photographs of Space, interpret them as per the theme and posted them. Some people liked them. Rarely someone commented. So all was good. But for the last prompt Bridge i submitted my space photo from Nasa and wrote how i interpret the photo.. Behold I got a comment stating that the Although I have not clicked the photo, it is still a nice photo. The emphasis on click was obvious. So taking my time I asked if there was a problem in submitting photographs that were not clicked by me.. The person told me that as per rules I can’t do that.. Now i know the person in question was not rude in their comments.. But I could feel that they were not happy about my post.. I am not a Purist. I can understand photographs (at least I think I do) but photographers are humans.. And they do this hard work.. Unlike me who just take a photo from their folder and paste them to their posts.. What is worse is that I can never take these photos.. I actually love Space photography.. But i don’t want to offend other person who do their hard work..
    So i told the person.. I will think about whether to post it next time or not.. Since in all of the 3 prompts i went only to your website.. And since you are a photographer.. I want an honest opinion from you regarding this..
    P. S. You can ignore or delete this message. No hard feelings from my side..


    • These challenges are for people who take photographs. There are writing photos that people participate with their own writing and sometimes they add photos that other people have taken. Since you are into space photography that would be appropriate on posts that were not for photography. That would be keeping in the spirit and intent of the challenge. You can always create a post with other people’s photos. I would try and give photo credit when it is known who took the photo. People and companies work hard on creating the best photo to display. Like with space, I’d assume they are related to NASA, or some satellite, or even a book or article title. I’ve seen some of your comments and you have a wonderful eye for looking at photography.

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      • Okay, Thanks for your opinion. So the Bridge will be last daily photo prompt from my side. I will try to stay in touch with you. It would have been nice if anyone would have told me before, but better late than never. If any of my photos or comments caused any kind of discomfort or rudeness, I apologise.
        So I guess this is it. Keep clicking.


        • No problems from me. It is hard to get a grasp of blogging in barely a month. You are doing real well. The gal who wrote you to begin with, her name is Janet and she is an absolutely marvelous person. She just wanted to help you out. There are plenty of places you can post your favorite photos. Have you seen my Share Your World. It’s kind of a writing prompt where I ask 4 questions each week and the bloggers respond. That could be a place to express yourself and use the photos you so adore.

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          • Thank you, i have replied to her also. I didn’t knew her name. Even if I did, it would have been rude to post her name. I think I will for time being stay away from the photography world. I don’t want to offend anyone. Here also I did a mistake and I don’t want to repeat it. Even Janet didn’t directly showcased her displeasure. But I understood her emphasis. And it was nice of her to not hold back. But it may be that the other photographers will feel the same thing and will not bother to share their discomfort and displeasure. I understand that they are artists like you. And I don’t want to hurt anyone. Again. Thanks for the concern. I have told Janet about my decision too. Hope she is not irritated by the time I took to reply. But than again.. I was the culprit.. See you around.


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