Short Break and Flower of the Day – August 4, 2017 – Clematis

Hi Everyone,

We are currently in the middle of a heat wave.  There are also some fire in our area and the smoke is blowing toward Canby right now.  So I’m taking a blogging break until the smokes subsides and the heat goes down.  The smoke effects my lungs and my energy is low.  So I am just staying inside and conserving my energy.

Challenges will resume when I get back.  You can participate in last week’s challenges if you haven’t already, or add a second entry.

Feel free to add your floral photo to the comments. This way we can all enjoy everyone’s flowers.  

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. Have noted and to be quite honest, suits me. I will be away on Saturday and Sunday, visiting my son and his wife in the Eastern part of Switzerland, Schaffhausen, and will also be taking a blogging break. Hope to stock up on some photos on the way. Your reasons are not so good, but somehow we need to take a deep breath now and again.


  2. Hoping this heat wave breaks as predicted this weekend – it’s just a killer in so many ways. Some rain without lightening would be good too. Take care.


  3. Enjoy the break Cee, all the smoke is from the fires up in BC and Washington, plus the Mt. Jefferson fire. I too hope it clears soon, but I also hope this heat is done soon, but from what I’m reading i the weather group, the 100’s should be done Sunday, but it’ll still be in the 90’s for a good while.


  4. Good Idea! Feeling much the same heat here in Vancouver USA, Even in the morning when Jello took me for a walk, the air was laced with wildfire smoke. Stay safe, be well and regenerate inside! Hugs, Lindy


  5. The clematis is beautiful! I hope the smoke clears and you feel better soon. Today was a little bit better here north of Seattle but it sounds like it’s going to take awhile for it to clear completely. Take care!


    1. Air quality is still bad. Will be at least until the end of the week. So I’m staying inside with the air conditioner on. Lots of allergy meds and I’m staying fairly still. Temps are still in the 90s for the most part. Yuck. I’m doing well though.

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        1. We are so dry here, I’m afraid of more wild fires during the eclipse. They are expecting millions along the pathway of the eclipse. I happen to be right on the very edge (by a mile).


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