An Early Thank You and Asking for Your Help

Since  October 10, 2013 we have had a lot of fun with my challenges on my blog.  You you all have graced me with 986,220 total views.  A number that seemed way out reach and impossible.  You have all made 1,000,000 views possible and in less than five years.  Each one of your views and comments keep me inspired to keep blogging.  You all bring so much joy to my day.  I adore our little conversations or big ones and the friendships I have made throughout the world.

I need your help, I would like to see that magic number of One Million this month, all I need is another 13,780 views.  I’m not sure how I will celebrate with you all, but I will come up with a way for us all to celebrate together.  Suggestions are always helpful!

In adoration of you all.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



  1. That is an amazing performance, Cee.
    I am spending a while catching up on posts I’ve missed in the last few weeks – I hope it gives you a little extra boost on the stats 🙂


  2. Its not a contest Cee. Your blog is a pleasure and allows a lot of people to share and get new followers. If you really want more followers consider joining Instagram (not sure if you’re on it already), Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Flickr. All those sites let you link back here. There is a way to upload photos from your computer to Instagram if you find that easier but as far as I can tell they have to be square. I wrote about it a while back: Thanks for being here.

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      1. The main instruction is that if you spend all day on social media you would have less time to take photos. I think you’re doing great the way you are. 🙂


  3. I love your blog Cee. Even though I do not participate in all of your challenges, I enjoy seeing your response and the response of others in the blogosphere.


  4. Congratulations Cee, that is just wonderful and thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photographs with us. We will be delighted to continue to view, like and comment and hope you will reach your milestone soon! :o) xxx


  5. I, too, appreciate everything you have done for us. I was away for a while, and I am planing to go back to see what I have missed 😉
    Have a great day, Cee.


  6. I’m viewin’ and I will make sure I view every day this week. In fact, I have started to follow to make sure I do. That will make a tiny difference but I do believe that every little counts 🙂


      1. Using 580 as a (clearly pessimistic) estimate of your *current* number of views per day, it would take 24 days to get 13,780 views.  So your end-of-June target is a good choice. 🙂


  7. Glad to see how many people enjoy your post–I know I do. I’ve pondered what you could do. The best I come up with is cake & ice cream but the logistics are overly complex and time consuming. Best option is keep posting your upbeat blog and sharing the world with so many.


  8. Congratulations, Cee. There are 24 days left in this month. I’m sure you’ll hit the 1,000,000 mark before the end of the month. I can’t wait to hear your shouting!! ❤
    I'll make a point to view your posts every day and try to participate. I'll be away again from 21st, but I always have the laptop with me.


      1. Not exactly, Cee. I’m attending a Writers’ Conference locally in a week. After that, I’ll go the Portland and stay until July 3. My exciting trip will happen in January next year when we go to Hong Kong for my nephew’s wedding. My husband, Mercy, Will and the baby will be going. I haven’t gone for several years.


          1. Yes, it would be my first conference. I took a Children’s Literature Writing course 20 years ago and wrote some children’s stories. Then I started taking classes from a program for the retirees at Cal State Fullerton. I took Life Stories and continue to take poetry class. I like writing.


  9. Does a person need to press the “like” button to record the views? When I use my desktop computer, it simply won’t register the like when I press it for your blog. Right now I am using my laptop and it does register it. I also view your photos on Facebook. Is it best to use WordPress?


    1. WordPress is where you need to view it. I read once (many moons ago) how views get recorded. I do know that through reader they are not recorded. You have to be on my blog to have it record. Don’t know if that is still the case or not.


  10. Happy to help you out! I enjoy participating in your challenges! Congratulations – impressive, and inspiring to see how your blog has grown!


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