Status: I’m at Stage 1 Fire Evacuation Notice

I’m sitting here looking our my front room window at 8:05 am on September 9.  The smoke outside is so thick it still looks light it is midnight on a new moon.  No hint of day.  Normally it starts getting real light an hour ago.

This photo was taken at yesterday around 2:30 in the afternoon.  I thought it shows how windy it is outside right now.  It’s actually a swirling wind.

We have four wild fires in the county where I live (Clackamas) and they are both fires are within 10 miles from where I live.  We are under stage 1 Fire Evacuation Notice.  So we are thinking about that to take if we have to evacuate, aside from our kids, it won’t be much.  My hard drive, old lap top, our iPads, my insulin, lots of water and peanut and tortillas and cheese and  crackers.

Chris is at the store right now.  We have a good filter and water.  So I filling all of our bottles so they can go with us in an instant.   She us also filling our car with gas.

This photo was taken right outside my home office door, The electric pole is between us and our neighbors. I took this photo around 4:30 yesterday afternoon.  This is looking east.

These photo are basically untouched.  I’m staying out of my office because the door doesn’t have a tight seal on it, so I don’t have access to Bridge or photoshop.

Chris has made it safely back from the store.  She used two different types of face masks to breathe.  Our air quality is extremely dangerous.  I will only be staying in the living room or our tv room.  We have good air filters which help a little bit.

Chris said that half the employees at the store didn’t make it into work.  They are trying to track everyone done and make sure they are safe.  Obviously everyone is taking about the fires and evacuation levels.  We live in a fairly small town.  There are only about 15,000 people who live in the town or surrounding areas.

This is another photo I took yesterday around 4:30 from outside my office. This one is looking south, so it appeared a little lighter.

Canby has the Clackamas County fair grounds, and they are being used as a farm animal shelter for the county.

Chris took this photo at the around 8:30 am.  She took this photo with her iPhone.

As I close this blog post  the sky is finally getting a little lighter and all I do is see a dark orange.  It’s now 9:06 am.


Anyhow, I’m taking a blogging vacation until through September 20.  I will still post my FLOWER A Day challenge as long as I have electricity.  All my other challenges remain open from the last topic I used.

Here are links to my challenge home pages:

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I’ve gathered a list of challenges and their hosts.  So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I hope everyone will be able to use my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs



  1. We had/have (not sure how it is today) a fire that started 8 miles away from us Monday evening, and moved very quickly to within a couple of miles of us. We were under Stage 2 evacuation orders for Monday night and all day Tuesday. The wind finally died down yesterday early evening, and that with the help of the constant planes dropping water all afternoon calmed things down enough last night that I felt comfortable sleeping in my bed – albeit with my clothes on. Our skies were not nearly as dramatic as yours, they actually looked very normal all day yesterday which really surprised me. This is not a good year, the whole of the western side of the country is covered with fires. Wishing you well, and hope that you get through this unharmed.

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  2. Praying for safety, as I sit here safe but a whole city not far from me is gone. Only a few houses remain. It is a charcoaled to the ground. So many of my friends here, and family in California have been evacuated. God be with you! 💜

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      1. Will do! My husband will be on the scene, as he works in restoration construction. He said his heart broke when he saw the town. One of the building still standing, and it is as white as white gets is the town church. I pray for their safety, as they are on the scene. You stay safe too!

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  3. Oh, Cee, I am sorry to read this. I have been reading all the stories of the fires in Eastern Oregon and Washinton state. The one in Northern Idaho. Now there was a swarm of earthquakes in Idaho’s central area. Our air still has smoke and it still windy. Best wishes if you need to leave your and a safe place to stay. Betty

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  4. Stay safer than you think safe is. We just had a fire here this morning and luckily it is out now it is our 3rd one in the past few weeks. On edge is the worst feeling. The winds don’t help. Just get safe and worry about the blog later. I will look forward to your posts when all this is over for you. Stay safe Cee.

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  5. Take care, Cee. Stay as safe as you can. I’m in the Bay Area of California, but the fires are not very near us, even though we woke up to an orange sky. But I’ve lived through neighborhood fires in S CA, and they are truly frightening. Prayers…….. 🙏

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  6. This looks like Australia last summer and Tassie the summer before. I’m glad that you and Chris have prepared the car. I think that your Stage 1 must be like our “Watch and Act”. I know how it feels to be sitting in the middle of all this. If they tell you to go take the animals and go early. Do you have friends or family you can go to if you have to leave? Most of all stay safe, my thoughts will be with you.

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  7. I know it’s not my job to offer advice, but we are in a very, very dry woods too. We haven’t gotten more than a quarter of an inch of rain in months. Not since early June and we are making plans to run for it if we have to. I look at the air around your house and I have trouble breathing here in Massachusetts. I’m having trouble dealing with the pollen and I can only imagine how bad it is for you. just … don’t hesitate, Please. Be very careful. Wings of concern flying your way!


  8. Take care. I live in Colorado Springs, CO and I have been where you are. One year a wild fire came within 200 yards of my daughters home and the next year I was evacuated from my home. It is surreal trying to figure out what to take. I am thinking of you!


  9. Pack the car with as much as you can with stuff you don’t need now. Don’t wait just go. What you are experiencing is almost identical to my terrible experience and you know how bad that was. Keep yourselves safe please. Thinking of you x


  10. Midday Thursday Sept 10….(7PM PST-Wednesday Sep 09). Cee, I hope you and Chris have evacuated by now or that the winds has changed. Whatever the case stay safe. As Bushboy said.. pack up and go.


  11. I hope you’re okay and don’t have to be evacuated, Cee. My daughter lives in SW Portland. She sent me some photos also. Keep us posted.
    California is bad also, burned 2,000,000 acres so far. Our sky above the house is smoky and the sun was bright orange. The ash has been falling like snow flakes.


        1. We abandoned ship. My lungs are too compromised for that smoke. We left Thursday and are staying in Idaho Falls, Idaho with my sister. We brought the dogs and our cat and packed a few clothes. My sister and husband is taking good care of all of us. Hope your daughter and family are staying inside and safe.

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          1. Glad to hear you left before it got dangerous. I read the news and one family was not as lucky. They left in two cars, the tires of one car melt with the grandma and grandson in it. They didn’t make it.

            The air quality in Oregon reached the most hazardous level. Yes, my daughter stays indoor. She’ll call me today.


  12. My heart goes out to you. That is so scary. Please keep us posted.

    We have our bags packed and documents and photos put in a safe at my husband’s business. Ash and smoke fills the sky, but we’re safe right now.


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