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Lens-Artists Challenge #133 – Photography Journey

Here is my entry for Amy of Lens-Artists Photo A Week Challenge with the topic of Photography Journey.

Like a lot of people, I didn’t get serious about photography until the age of Digital Cameras. I always liked photography and Chris and I had bought several small cameras over the years. I won’t even go into that history.

In early 2000s I bought my first Sony Digital camera. It was small. Here is a photo of the camera I found the web.

We lived in Colorado when we got the camera. We did take this camera on our trip to visit Oregon and the Redwoods in Northern California. To save memory and the little card, we saved them on low resolution. Bad rookie mistake.

Here is a photo I took of Chris walking a labyrinth she made on the Northern California coast.

Once we moved to Oregon I soon got a pre-DSLR a Sony DSC-H9. I was wanting a better camera, but was too afraid to buy a camera that had lenses. With this camera, there was no turning back. I am truly hooked on photography.

I took the back of a giant lily pad, and this photo is still one of my favorite photos to date.

This little camera had a macro flower mode and well I think you know the result of that. I’ve been hooked on flowers ever since. Also I have to admit my love of flowers started when I was a small child, I had a dream I was laying in a field of flowers and I can remember it being so peaceful, happy, safe and mostly colorful. I’m so lucky I get to live out that dream.

This photo I took with my “grown up” camera, Nikon D80 with interchangeable lenses. It was published in a Norwegian magazine. I took it with a 105 fixed lens. I was so proud that someone thought it magazine worthy.

I’ve had many different cameras over the years. I would try different point and shoot cameras, so I wouldn’t always have to lug around a big camera. That way I could always have a camera with me. I would end up selling those cameras and I kept with my DSLR Nikon.

But the last few years, I have gone back to Sony A7II and now I have an A7III. Both of these cameras are full frame and mirrorless camera body. The lenses still are heavy, but the camera body so light is a blessing.

Sony A7II

Sony A7II

Here are photos from my Sony A7III. Click on any photo to it larger.

I’ve put together a list of challenges and their hosts.  So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I hope everyone will be able to use my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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  1. The idea of interchangeable lenses sounds very scary. Someone as chaotic as me would lose/smash them immediately. But you clearly use all your equipment to excellent effect.

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  2. You are an excellent photographer, Cee? I have been out of the loop in camera technology and have been using my phone. Is mirrorless what I should be looking for when I get my next camera?

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    • Yes, I would definitely go mirrorless. Most point and shoots are mirrorless these days. Cameras with interchangable cameras you do want to make sure they are mirrorless, there is a huge difference in weight.

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  3. Enjoyed reading your journey, Cee. the giant lily pad is an amazing shot! I love all your flower photos, FOD is really a cool theme idea. Thank you for all the challenging photo themes you’ve created for us to practice and have fun to shoot and sharing. I have been inspired by your images and themes. πŸ™‚

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  4. Very beautiful photos Cee! I have no understanding of the mirrorless camera. Something I will need to investigate one of these days. I think that third flower from the bottom is my favorite! Just amazing with all the water drops❣❣ But the back of that lily pad… it’s very cool 😎

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  5. Your lense captures those flowers amazingly… or maybe it’s not the lens but it’s the person taking the photo. Either way, your shots are always beautiful!

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  6. I always enjoy your flower photos, Cee! Sony makes a great series of cameras. One of my friends is really happy with his A7 (not sure which generation). I am really enjoying this week’s challenge reading about everyone’s photo journey.

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  7. I always said you are the Queen of Flowers, Cee – and you are forever inspiring! Happy to read about your journey – and that you got to live it all out. The giant lily pad I love every time I see it – easily understood why it is a favourite! I can see you lying in that field of flowers…I did too when i was a child. My grandmother had a “wild” garden under her many apple, cherry, plum and pear trees. In spring I used to lie down among the flowers looking up at the trees in bloom. That’s where my love of flowers started. Thank you for sharing all the beauty with us!

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  8. That is one amazing shot of that giant Lily pad! Nature is a wonderful subject, they never dissapoint us I must say, they portray emotions and evole as well.ItΒ΄s hard not to make a bad photo out of it because they are already clad in beauty.

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  9. Loved your response this week Cee – especially the part about giving up on the little cameras! I was the same way. Got myself a small Nikon point and shoot thinking I could carry it easily and shoot any time. Hated it! Sold it a few months later and am happily still using interchangeable lenses on my now-Fuji. I do miss my big Nikon tho. Do you love the Sony? I’m thinking of giving it a try since Nikon’s mirrorless efforts are less than enthusiastically reviewed. Your last set of flowers is amazing!!


    • Oh I do love my Sony. I would recommend the A7III. There is an A7IV, but for pure photography the A7III is much better. The IV is more for video quality. Both were out when I purchased the III and I went through a lot of reviews and decided the III fit me better. It’s easy to use. What I don’t like about the newer Nikon’s, it’s harder to switch between modes and change the manual settings. Sony seems more logical and less steps to change the settings. Just make sure you get the FE lenses they are made for the Full frame.


  10. thank you for sharing. Now I really feel humbled that my photos, taken with my Huawei Y7, are getting any attention from you and other bloggers.


    • Camera help with clarity and zoom capabilities. But you get attention, because you know something about composition and how to take a photo. That’s what I like about how you take photos.

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  11. I was so interested to read your photographic journey, Cee. You’ve made a lot of camera changes and learned how to use them well. Congratulations on getting published. That was a beautiful flower. I also agree with Anne that it was good to meet Chris. Have a great week, Cee. πŸ™‚


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