Thursday Doors – February 18, 2016

Here is my for Norm’s Thursday Doors – February 18, 2016 challenge.  ENJOY!

Chris and I went out this weekend trying to find some new doors, specifically for Norm’s challenge.  I think these doors are appropriate, especially for Valentine’s week.

This first photo is of a little Wedding Chapel we have here in Canby, Oregon.  It was all fancied up for Valentine’s Day.


This second photo was of a house in Newborn, Oregon.   Someone really wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day with everyone.021816doorQi (energy) hugs



  1. 2nd picture.. I get the strong impression that mom was expected home soon and would be welcomed home first by the valentine’s heart from dad and the 3 kids, who I think drew, colored and shaped them.. 😊

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  2. Cee thank you for posting such great photographs. You have made me realise I need to learn more about my camera and hopefully in the next few months after a course my pics will improve in quality, the subject matter will probably remain as cool and aloof as always.


    1. That little chapel/church was built in the mid to late 1800s. I have actually had a tour inside. One of the owners saw me taking photos outside and let me in for a tour. Photography without lighting would have been very hard since everything was a bright white inside and sun was shining.

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