Flower of the Day – June 8, 2016 – Dahlias

Feel free to add your floral photo to the comments. This way we can all enjoy everyone’s flowers.

Since I did a post today for Jennifer’s OWPC with the topic of Camera, I thought I would semi-stick to that theme.  This young man is leaning over taking photos.  This is what I normally look like at Swan Island Dahlias.

060816flowerQi (energy) hugs



      1. We actually have a temperate climate, Cee, but you are right. I planted 8 plants and they didn’t do that well. I blamed it on Pasiano not watering them adequately. Now you have gotten him off the hook. If they come up again from the seed, I’ll let you know. You constantly tempt me. Good thing it isn’t a daily chocolate prompt!!!


        1. Oh I could do a daily chocolate prompt…..but most people don’t like the kind of chocolate I eat. Extremely dark. Anyhow, if yours came from a seed they may or may not come back. Tubers will come back if they don’t get too wet over the winter and mold. In our hot, sunny, and dry weather last summer even our dahlias in Oregon looked bleak for here. The dahlias that normally would get 4-6 feet tall got to maybe just over 3 feet. I only went to the farm a couple of times, because they looked so pathetic. Although if someone saw the fields for the first time, they would have been amazed.


          1. I am afraid maybe Pasiano pulled the dry flowers out by the roots, thinking they’d reseed, but we shall see. Maybe there are tubers still in there. I did buy plants, not seed. Most of the zinnias were from seed and they do fine reseeding. It was more of a test, anyway. Things grow so well here that it is silly to struggle to make something grow when this is really not the correct climate.


          2. I love dark chocolate, by the way. The darker the better. Have you ever had dark chocolate Petit Ecolier cookies? To die for. There is a milk chocolate version, but not as good as the dark chocolate ones.


  1. Hi Cee! Beautiful as always! 🙂
    Sorry to ask this in your post feed but I don’t know what else to do. I’m trying to participate in daily prompt but when I pingback it doesn’t work, also there are 0 responses for yesterday’s word which was embarrassing. Please help…I feel so disconnected.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Cee…
      Please disregard my plea for help 🙂
      I finally figured out how to get to staff help.
      Again I do apologize for asking in your Flower of The Day feed. 😦

      Now I’m off to the archives to find a flower to post!
      OR…better yet, I get outside and do some exploring!

      Thanks so much!


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