Tumbling Dominos – Kids don’t try this at home

After a somewhat stressful afternoon at the vets with MacKenzie. She fell on her head. Chris found this youtube video.

I found it fascinating to watch.  Then I found this video. Well worth watching the entire video.

Qi (energy) hugs


    1. HI Lois, MacKenzie is doing better today. Yesterday was was seizing (actually spasming) and it was scary. Since she hit her head we just had to wait to see if it would improve or get worse. She’s improved a lot. And on muscle relaxants.

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      1. Glad to hear that, Cee. Teemu has seizures; such an awful thing. I am glad MacKenzie has improved and that the muscle relaxers are helping. I so wish our babies could talk to us and let us know how they feel.

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  1. I admire it but can’t imagine putting that much work into something that will disappear. Maybe it’s me. Never been big on sand castles, either. Stuff doesn’t need to last forever, but more than a few minutes seems not unreasonable 🙂


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